Hyundai i40 rental in St. Petersburg

Thumb hyundai
Up to 5 passengers
150 h.p.
  • from 1900
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Детское кресло

Child seat

We believe that children’s safety in the car should be norm not a bonus, so according to your request, we will provide a child seat for any term of the lease in any car for free.

Бесплатный навигатор

Free navigator

We do not want you to get lost on the way home or in our office, so all cars are equipped with the default navigation system with maps of different cities around the world.

Безлимитный пробег

Unlimited mileage

Choose any routes and destinations, go wherever you want. Mileage is unlimited for all cars and all tariffs. Travel any distance for your pleasure.

Бесплатная подача

Free supply

A nice bonus for all guests of St. Petersburg: any cars rented from us, fed or back to the airport «Pulkovo» and «Moscow railway station» for free.

Car description

Hyundai i40 rental in St. Petersburg

The all-new Hyundai i40 is a fine representative of D-segment that stands out from the rest of its class with sporty and stylish appearance. The highest level of comfort, excellent driving experience, elegant and fluid lines of its body made the car highly popular and well-loved by car-owners around the world. The exterior of Hyundai i40 was designed by Industrial Design Centre in Rüsselsheim am Main (Germany) with European standards in mind. The fluid lines of the car’s body represent Hyundai’s idea of collaboration between nature, machines and humanity. The impeccable, elegant and well-thought-out interior and state-of-art safety systems will make your ride a truly delightful experience.

Rent cost
Deposit is just 5,000 roubles

1-3 days


roubles per day

No options available
4-14 days


roubles per day

No options available
from 15 days


roubles per day

No options available


roubles per period

No options available
working week


roubles per period

No options available
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