Operative leasing

When renting a car for a long time,
you choose any car brand
and a complete set from Skoda to Bentley - and we
buy it for you in two weeks
after treatment.

Rent for a period of not less than 1 year

Deposit of 10-15% of the car value

Rental price 30-50% lower

You do not pay any taxes

TS at our expense

Hull insurance at our expense

Winter tires at our expense

Replacement car while repairs

Why is it convenient?


Any car

We can buy for you
any car of your
request any brand
and a complete set


Change - easy!

You can choose any
car out of park
and change to another
during the term of the lease


Rent by year

You choose any period
rent from 1 to 3 years


Return pledge

Mortgage value
return immediately after
the end of the lease term

For Example:


I dream of the new BMW


Sign contracts and I
am making a pledge
75 000 rubles


Throughout the year
I go where I want


I pay just 75,000 rubles
per month. This includes everything:
TS, Hull insurance, replacement of rubber


Tired of BMW, quietly
change at Audi or Mercedes


I rent a car and take away
a pledge of 75000 rubles