Loyalty system

Car rent for free – do you think it’s impossible?

You are wrong!

Specially for Storlet Car Rental customers, we developed a unique system of loyalty. When you rent a car and get the Storlet Car Rental Privilege card, you begin to collect miles in amount of not less than 10% of the daily rental cost. The more term of the car rental, the more miles you earn. 1 mile = 1 ruble. You can cash your miles in any our rental stations, in any city, in any country worldwide, where is an agency of our company. Just come and rent a car for free!

How does it work?


When you contact us for the first time, you automatically get a card that already has welcome 500 miles (equivalent to 500 rubles). Welcome miles are charged on the card regardless of what car type you rent and for how long. When it’s not your first order, please indicate the number of the card. This is an individual card and is fixed by only one person or company.


During car rental you will daily get 10% of the rent on your card to first welcome 500 miles. For example, when you choose a car for 2000 rubles per day and form the rent for 10 days, each day you will receive at least 200 bonus miles. So, after 10 days, you will have 2500 miles (= 2500 rubles), and you can spend it on a car rental.


When you contact with any of our rental station (in any city worldwide) for the next time, you can spend your miles and rent a car for free! For example, you can rent a car for a day for free and still get a discount of 500 rubles for the next day, so, you rent a car for two days for 1500 rubles. Substantial savings!


Please note, that miles may pay only for rental services, means that you can’t pay for the additional equipment or make a deposit. Also you can rent a car for miles, only if the car rental period – at least one day. If you use our services in different countries, and miles has been earned on a card in a different currency, then ,in the future, they can be converted into a common currency at the exchange of CBR on a payment date.


Each client can discover the history of miles earning and spending in your account. Time collection, storage and miles usage – unlimited. Means that you can earn miles for a whole year, and spend it, for example, abroad on holidays. Each time, when the car rental period ends, all clients get by an e-mail a report about the number of earned miles.


Storlet Car Rental Privilege working mechanism reminds a cash-back system, when you make a purchase, from 10% to 20% of the cost goes back to your card. You can use earned miles, in any city worldwide, where our rental station is. Storlet Car Rental is the only company that offers such system of loyalty. Nowhere else you can rent a car for free.

Partnership system

If you pay for Storlet Car Rental by credit cards of the following banks, all miles are multiplied by 1.5. It means that 15% of the cost goest to your card:
BNP Paribas
Raiffeisen bank
UniCredit Bank
City Bank
VTB 24
Agricultural Bank
Alfa Bank

Also, all the miles are multiplied by 1.5 for cardholders:
Evrosib BMW
Olympus Mercedes Benz
Axel Motors BMW
BMW motorhome
Porsche Center Pulkovo