Storlet Car

Storlet Car Rental Company is a part of Storlet Group
and is one of the priorities of the holding.

We offer budget car rental,
comfort and premium class in guaranteed lowest price.


Storlet Car Rental - not only the first Russian company, that exports such business to EU and the United States, and allows our customers to use rental services worldwide, but also the first company discounter in this segment of the Russian market.

Storlet Car Rental Privilege customers card is unique loyalty system, that allows you to earn miles while you use the vehicle, and then rent cars worldwide for free in Storlet rental points. Every day miles go to the card!

Specially for our customers, we have developed a program Storlet Car Rental standards, which provides you with a new car budget, family or premium class and guarantee its highest quality, as well as impeccable service for clients.

The company's fleet includes over 750 owned vehicles and is represented by 65 different brands/models.

Since the security of our customers is a priority for our company, we guarantee you only the highest quality, relevant international safety standards of vehicles.

Storlet Car Rental specially developed standards say that service life of the vehicle can’t exceed two years. Vehicles, that represented in our park, are with a maximum number of airbags only. Also we are always ready to provide a child seat for free and it doesn’t matter what car would you choose and for how long. On Storlet Car Rental standards all car models are well equipped with a quality navigation systems that will help you not to get lost and always find your way home. Besides, in each car you will find the charging for mobile devices.

At the head of our business we set up high and quality standards of service, corporate culture, reliability and low prices.

Forget about the negative experience! It’s not useful with us.


ООО "Сторлет Групп" Казань

Address: Российская Федерация, 420030, Татарстан респ., г. Казань, ул.Озерная 40 А.

Mailing address: Российская Федерация, 420030, Татарстан респ., г. Казань, ул.Озерная 40 А.

INN: 166018327094

KPP: 166018327094

OGRN: 316169000176870

Account number: 40802810200000052482

Bank name: Банк «Тинькофф Банк»

BIK: 044525974

Bank account: 30101810145250000974